Cindy grew up in a home where her mother worked from 7 PM to 3 AM every night, leaving her alone to deal with loneliness and self-esteem issues without the support she needed. To compensate, Cindy spent much of her time online.

One night Cindy received a friend request from a man named “Ramiro.” In time he began grooming her and made her feel wanted, special and beautiful. He convinced her to meet in person, then forced her to have sex with him many nights, all while making her believe he loved her. He deceived her into thinking they would get married if she earned enough money for their wedding by having sex with other men.

Ramiro brought client after client into Cindy’s home. These men paid him to rape her while her mother was at work. One day the neighbors became suspicious and alerted her mother of the number of strange men entering her home at all hours of the night.

Unable to safely stay in her mother’s house, the authorities placed Cindy in our home where she received counseling, education, and job training until she turned 19. Since then, Cindy has been safely reunited with her mother and continues to attend school and work toward her healing.