Slide International Network of Hearts is a
501C-3 nonprofit organization
based in San Diego that brings hope,
safety and empowerment to children
recovering from human trafficking
Since 2010
Our team has given 100 children the tools necessary to step out of the cloud of sexual trauma and abuse and step into a brighter future.
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Meet Cindy

She was sexually exploited when she was just a child

Rescued from a life of daily exploitation, she came to our home and received love, counseling, education, and job training.

National Human Trafficking Hotline (888) 373-7888

We bring hope, safety, and empowerment to children who have been rescued from sexual slavery by:

  • Providing a safe, confidential home where survivors can find hope and refuge from violence.
  • Creating a nurturing and structured environment where survivors can heal from years of trauma.
  • Giving survivors the needed tools so they can achieve their highest potential.
  • Raising international awareness about human trafficking.
  • Providing training to law enforcement and other first responders in the identification of victims.
  • Building multi-agency protocols to improve the response to victims of human trafficking.